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Jewelry & Watch Repair School of New England 

Online Watch Repair School and Jewelry Repair Classes 

Our leading nationwide trade school with one of a kind independent study will enhance and improve your knowledge and skill set with the comfort of learning from home. With successful completion of each program, students earn a certificate for jewelry, watch, and/ or clock repair. Our unique curriculum is tailored to each student and their individual learning needs. With our Worldwide at home study program, we have successful students from all around the world, putting their knowledge to use.

With open enrollment schedules, the time is always right to start an education learning to repair watches and/or jewelry. Our convenient classes make this professional education obtainable. Through DVDs, workbook material, at home projects, and one-on-one conferences with your instructor; a well-rounded education is closer than you ever imagined.
With the variety of classes offered, students seeking an education for processional reasons, or as a hobbyist, are ensured they will find a class that is a good fit for their needs.

From being a beginner looking to learn the basics, or someone from the field looking to learn more, our classes keep our student’s knowledge growing. Skills learned, include, but are not limited to, quartz and mechanical watch repair and overhauls, clock repair, and soldering, ring sizing, and other jewelry repairs. Also, classes offer lessons on restringing pearls, engraving, and more.
Jewelry & Watch Repair School of New England is a proud member of the State of Connecticut Commissioner of Higher Education, and of the International Vocational Education and Training Association.

Open for over a decade, our licensed and insured school has taught hundreds of happy students. The certificate received upon successful course completion is recognized and respected within the trade as a credible education.
Are you ready to learn the art of repairing jewelry, watches, and clocks?
To apply, please contact us at (860) 580-5213.

Learn from home anywhere in the United States or in the World! You never have to come to our location to learn how to be a master caliber watch and jewelry repair tech.
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